Cumnor's grow-your-own tasty treats!


Cumnor Primary School

Cumnor's ace growing team at Kitchen and Garden club have been learning how to grow their own healthy food and turn it into delicious treats! Hard at work since the cold days of autumn, the club team have dug, planted, watered, and nurtured their seeds into leeks, carrots, potatoes, cabbages and more. Each week they look at what's coming into season and learn to make a healthy treat out of their produce. Recent dishes have included vegetable soup, beetroot salad, and, most recently, spinach pancakes in honour of Shrove Tuesday. They even made their own healthy homemade tomato ketchup! The shining chefs have also learned to give traditionally unhealthy snacks, like chocolate brownies, a new healthier twist with the addition of vegetables - everyone agreed that the beetroot brownies were supremely tasty! "It's really fun growing and cooking your own food," said Josh, keen club participant. "You always feel proud of what you've made at the end of the session."