Fruit for everyone


Rabbsfarm Primary School

Like many schools we recieves free fruit/vegetables for Key Stage 1 children, and whilst we encourage every child to eat their healthy snack daily we found we often had quite a lot left over, so the Year 6 children now go round to the KS1 classes at the end of the day and collect what hasn't been used and it is stored in our Fruit Fridge over night and given to KS2 children the following morning at break time. On a Friday afternoon any remaining fruit is put on a trolley in the playground at the end of the day for children to help themselves too for on their way home. The children love coming and choosing their fruit often taking more than one type. Parents love it too because the children are getting something healthy for a snack for the journey home rather than them from wanting sweets/crisps from the local shops. Its also cut down on the fruit wasted from sitting in classroom fruit bowls.