Join Kevin and Katie on their adventure with these curriculum-linked challenges.

These quick challenges explore Kevin and Katie’s story through a wide range of subjects. The activities are flexible and can be completed either independently or in a sequence – try as many as you like! Remember to share your work as a showcase or by tweeting @AldiUK and @TeamGB using the #GetSetEatFresh.

Key learnings

  • The challenges each focus on a different subject including: Art and Design, Maths, English, Science, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Drama, Geography, Languages and Cooking skills.
  • Throughout the challenges take photos or keep examples of best work to create a final class display to share your Kevin and Katie story.


Watch Kevin and Katie start their adventure.

  • How many fruits and vegetables can you spot during the video?
  • Who is Kevin looking for on his adventure?
  • What food do you like to eat at during the holidays?
  • What do you think will happen next?


Join Kevin and Katie on their twelve Get Set to Eat Fresh festive challenges. 

Challenge one: create your carrot

Learning focus: Art and Design

Ask students to cut out and decorate a Kevin or Katie stick puppet using the download below. The puppet can be used again in some of the challenges below, so make sure students keep their finished work safe.  

Challenge two: merry maths

Learning focus: Maths

Help Kevin and Katie solve one (or more) of these three maths challenges:

  1. Kevin has just been to the hairdressers. Before his haircut, Kevin weighed 125 grams, but now he weighs 114 grams. Using the bar model, can you find out the weight of the hair that Kevin had cut?
  2. Katie is making some delicious banana and kiwi fruit kebabs. Altogether the kebab weighs 64 grams. Katie knows she added 21 grams of kiwi and 40 grams of banana. How much does the kebab stick weigh?
  3. Oh no! Kevin and Katie have spotted some presents falling off Santa’s sleigh, but how many are missing? Before leaving, Santa’s sleigh weighed 6000 kilograms, but now it weighs 5,988 kilograms. If each present weighs 2 kilograms, how many haven fallen off the sleigh?

Challenge three: a carrot escape

Learning focus: Science/ D&T

Challenge students to help Kevin and Katie reach Santa! Kevin is stuck at the wrong side of a huge kitchen sink full of water and Katie is stuck at the top of a mountain of Brussels sprouts! Using their puppet Kevin or Katie, can students design and build a sea-worthy vessel or safety parachute to help them get back on their journey? (Hint: students working on a boat for Kevin should test their vessels before risking their decorated puppets!)  

Extension question: how would you need to adapt your design to support the weight of a real carrot?

Challenge four: perfect personification

Learning focus: Art and Design/ English

On their adventures Kevin and Katie might meet new friends – or perhaps an enemy! Ask students to select another vegetable (or fruit) that they might eat during the holidays and personify it to create a new character that Kevin and Katie might meet on the train. Students should then create a profile for their new character – what do they look like, when do they meet Kevin, what do they like to do, what characteristics do they have?

Challenge five: vegetable soup

Learning focus: PE

Get students active with a game of ‘vegetable soup’. In this action and memory game, each vegetable has its own movement. After introducing the movements, the teacher calls each out the vegetable and students complete the relevant movement. For example:

  • Carrot = stretch as tall as you can
  • Brussel sprout = crouch down into a ball
  • Runner bean = run on the spot
  • Peas in a pod = bunch together in groups of three
  • Broad bean = stretch as wide as you can
  • Chilli bean = shiver and shake

This game can either be played as a quick warm up, or as a competition, with the last students to complete the movement eliminated in each round. Once complete, challenge students to come up with their own vegetable action to add to the game.

Challenge six: what happens next?

Learning focus: Drama

Re-watch Kevin’s story as a class – what do students think happens next? Who do they think killed the gingerbread man? Does Kevin find Santa? Challenge students to create a short storyboard for the next scene of their adventure, or use their Kevin and Katie puppets to act out the story.

Challenge seven: celebrating carrots!

Learning focus: Science/ English

Challenge students to find out more about the carrot. Introduce one of Get Set to Eat Fresh’s vegetable profiles, what information do they provide? Ask students to research carrots and write their own vegetable profile. Remind students to find information about how carrots are grown, how they can be cooked and some extra interesting fun facts!

Challenge eight: around the world in eighty dishes

Learning focus: Geography

Like an Olympic athlete, on their journey to look for Santa, Kevin and Katie will get the chance to visit many countries. Divide the class into groups and assign each a former Olympic host nation (if also doing challenge nine, make sure each country is non-English speaking). Each group should research a Christmas or holiday tradition and dish from their country. The students can then write a report, or give a presentation to the class on what they find out.

For more information on former Olympic host nations, check out our On Tour with Team GB resources.

Challenge nine: Feliz Natal!

Learning focus: Languages/ Music

Building on their research, challenge students to find out how to say, ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘It’s delicious’ their country’s language and then teach the rest of the class.

Extension task: challenge confident groups to learn a Christmas song from another country, or select a song to learn as a class.

Challenge ten: seasonal snacks and festive feasts

Learning focus: Cooking – developing skills

Get Cooking as a class with our selection of healthy Christmas recipes!

Extension task: over the festive period a lot of food can go to waste. Challenge students to create their own recipe using Christmas or holiday dinner leftovers.

Challenge eleven: vegetable rhymes

Learning focus: English

Explain to students that Kevin’s story is told through a poem. Watch the video again and help students to identify the rhyming words. Ask students to name their favourite fruit or vegetable – can they write their own vegetable poems that will encourage people to eat fresh throughout the holidays?

Challenge twelve: challenge complete!

Learning focus: Art and Design

Challenge complete! Create a class display using the best examples from each of your challenges to tell the story of your festive adventures! Or, test how much you have learnt with Kevin’s Christmas and carrots quiz!

Don’t forget to showcase you hard work with the Get Set community or tweet @AldiUK and @TeamGB using the #GetSetEatFresh.

Student Resources

Festive decoration

Use this fun activity sheet to decorate Kevin and Katie for your very own festive decoration. Colour us in, cut us out, and put us on the tree!

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Art and Design - colouring and creating

Recommended age group: 5-11

Kevin and Katie activity sheet

Colour in Kevin and Katie and cut them out to use in your festive challenges - put on a puppet display, design a vehicle for your carrot escape, or create a unique decoration.

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Art and Design - colouring and creating; Science and D&T - forces

Recommended age group: 5-11