Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart community event


Pye Bank C of E Primary School, Sheffield

On Wednesday 13th January 2016 Pye Bank C of E Primary School, Sheffield embarked on a whole school and community health event named "Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart".

We used our local links with sporting facilitators such as Arches School Sport Partnership, Sheffield United Football Club and Sheffield Sharks B.Braun programme to help us run our evening. We invited other guests such as stop-smoking agencies to help support parents and staff, as well as putting on free health checks.

This community event was a huge success in terms of engaging staff, pupils and parents/friends of the school. They took part in interactive Zumba, Smoothie bike, Change 4 Life workshops, Snacking healthy and ‘what’s in your lunchbox’ events. Interactive Zumba was held in the Sports Hall with one of our Y4 pupils commenting "this was amazing, we danced to music and got fit at the same time". Zumba Fit was played on the screen for all to enjoy.

All of the children were having so much fun and working up a sweat and appetite. This wasn't a problem as our smoothie bikers were peddling their hardest to make healthy and tasty smoothies for all to drink, enjoy and refuel. One Y6 Pupil said "this was my favorite part of the open day!" Snack for Success resources from the Get set to Eat Fresh website enabled us to run a "what’s in your lunchbox station" where common lunchbox snacks were examined for how healthy they were for us. Fruit Kebabs were on offer with 10 different fruits available to try to entice our pupils to opt for healthier snacking and lunches. Tracking your Snacking activity sheets were used in a group activity with a selection of students to see how many snacks they ate a day and how they matched up on our "healthy snack chart" .

The Change 4 Life station was heavily promoted throughout our evening encouraging all who attended to realise that we need to Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart. Change 4 Life resources were handed out, including 10minute shake ups that are easy to do at home and smoothie recipes. There was also a demonstration of the Change 4 Life Sugar Scanner app for parents and staff to use to check the sugar content.

This event was a fantastic start to our year long project of improving the health and well being of our school community. The future health of our pupils and families is looking bright with more events, clubs and health opportunities for everyone to be involved with. An Athlete visit to our school would provide inspiration and motivation for our school to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.