Healthy Eating Poem


The Pines School

We are a special school in Birmingham. We have an allotment to grow our own food. We like cooking with the crops we grow. We wrote a poem.


Healthy Eating At The Pines


Kevin and Katie, Chantenay, Jasper and Baby

Carrots are orange tasty and fun

Colin Cauliflower white and green

All grow well with a lot of sun.


Down the allotment we take our tools

Having fun growing our own food

Planting, watering, digging and picking

When we eat it we get in a good mood.


Roman the red radish is peppery to taste

He makes you very surprised when you eat it

Joined with Tommy Tomato and Percy Pea

And Larry Lettuce you just can’t beat it.


Patrick Potato is always good for a laugh

Daily carbs to help us think

Brian Brussel full of vitamins

Even if they make you stink.

Aaron the apple is always there

To help keep the doctor away

Braiden Banana always on your side

All our fruits are here to stay.


Every morning we eat

A healthy breakfast at school

To set us up for the day

And give us lots of fuel.


At dinner time we have a selection

Of healthy foods on our menu

Beatrice Bean, Sammy Squash

Rami Raisin all at our venue.


Every week we do Food Technology

To learn about staying strong

Giving our bodies the fuel it needs

To keep us from getting it wrong.

We’re happy to be healthy

Our school is the best

Cooking, exercising and playing

And finally lots of rest.