Healthy syllabus


The Totteridge Academy

We have completely reviewed the syllabus all the projects we are cooking in lessons. Gone are the "sweet treats" and in come new and exciting recipes, such as lentil and tomato soup, vegetable stir fry, healthier burgers and risotto. Pupils are challenged to make an inventive minced meat dish, looking at presentation as well as taste. The idea is to give pupils the skills to cook healthy dishes for themselves, and for friends and family. The practicals are combined with the related theory – Eatwell Guide, safety and hygiene in the kitchen and food sourcing. The feedback has been amazing; so many pupils tell of how they've made the dishes at home again. It also gives the opportunity to talk about how to increase fruit and vegetables in their diets, improve hydration and how to incorporate more fibre into meals. We have definitely taken on the idea of getting every pupil into healthy eating and healthy cooking!

Mrs Rabone

The Totteridge Academy