Phillimore Festive Pizzas


Phillimore Primary School

Our Y6s were inspired by Liam Phillips, Jade Jones, Daniel Purvis and Nicola Adams talking about a balanced diet in the ‘Eatwell with Team GB’ video. We made an ‘Eatwell medal table’ which brought home the importance of eating a balanced diet alongside physical training. Using the Eatwell information, we then challenged teams of Y6s to come up with some festive party food with a healthy twist. Phillimore Team Y6s’ design is a festive take on our ‘Rainbow Pizza’ (challenge: to use as many different colours of vegetables as possible) using a scone base (no need for kneading or proving) with a variety of festive shapes (Christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen). They included peppers, sweet corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, red onion, spring onion and spring cabbage. The dish is fun, colourful and as the pizza includes all elements of a balanced diet, they felt it would be suitable for athletes in training from all cultural heritages, over the festive season. The Y6s then challenged each other to eat as healthily as possible over the holidays.