Design a bag

Design a Bag for Life to inspire others to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Explore sustainability, healthy eating and design with our Design a Bag resources.*

Key questions

  • Why use a Bag for Life? 
  • Why should we eat fresh fruit and vegetables? How can we inspire others to eat well?
  • How can we create an eye-catching design?

Key learnings

  • The problem with plastic, properties of different bags and the benefits of a bag for life.
  • The benefits of eating fruit and vegetables and what other young people think about eating healthy food.
  • Ways of generating creative ideas and incorporating feedback to create an eye-catching design. 

*These resources were originally made as part of our 2018 Design a Bag competition. After being inundated with over 30,000 eye-catching and innovative designs, two joint winners of the ‘Design a Bag’ competition were announced by Olympic medallists, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. The competition is now closed, but your can still get inspired by our winners and use the resources to have fun creating your own designs. 


Film discussion points

Watch our Design a Bag film.*   
  • List three different things that the athletes included in their designs.
  • Which design did you like the most? Why?
  • Which design did you think was the most eye-catching, and why do you think this? 
  • Which design would encourage you to eat more healthy, fresh food?

*Please note this film was created for the original competition in 2018. The competition closed for entries on 4 May 2018. 

Activity ideas

Introduce the Design a Bag resources and run your own design activity or competition with students. The presentation introduces the challenge and includes optional classroom activities exploring sustainability, healthy eating and design.

  • Why use a Bag for Life? Explore the problem with plastic, introduce the concept of Bags for Life and test the properties of different bags.
  • Why should we eat fresh fruit and vegetables? Play the ‘Odd one out’ game, take a healthy eating quiz and explore the views of young people on fruit and vegetables.
  • How can we create an eye-catching design? Interview each other about fruit and vegetables, review sample designs, generate quick ideas and discuss the success criteria. 

Student Resources

Design a Bag Challenge

Design a bag to inspire others to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and share with #GetSetEatFresh.

Resource type: Presentation

Learning focus: Design, healthy eating and sustainability – plastic waste

Recommended age group: 5–14