FAMILY FUN – Food on the move

On the train, in the park, or on a day out - read Get Set to Eat Fresh’s top tips to enjoy fresh and family friendly food that’s travel sized for your convenience.

Exploring fresh, healthy food as a family doesn’t need to stop in the kitchen. You can reinforce healthy habits wherever you are through what you eat, play and see. Have fun with food and see what you can learn!

Play with your food: I’m going on a picnic…

This alphabet memory game is great to play on long journeys. It is also an easy way to get kids thinking about a larger range of fruits and vegetables! The first player starts with ‘I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…’ something beginning with A (apples?). The second player must continue ‘I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples and something beginning with B, (blueberries?). As the list grows, if a player forgets an item they are out. The winner is the last person to remember the whole list.

Get cooking: energy balls

These no-bake snacks are easy to make and perfect for a quick, healthy and slightly sweet snack on the move.  With a multitude of possible varieties, they are also a great snack to get kids experimenting with ingredients and creating their own food!

Most energy ball recipes start by blitzing your favourite mix of oats, nuts or seeds, almond butter (or margarine) with sticky dates to bind the mixture. After that it’s time to get creative! Add spices to flavour, a splash of fruit juice for a zesty bite, or a teaspoon of honey for some extra sweetness. Test out different fillings (dried fruits, grated carrot, chocolate chips?) and toppings (coconut flakes, nuts, cocoa?) to find your perfect recipe. Shape the mixture together into balls and pack into an airtight container ready to take on the world!

Quick tips

  • Packing a picnic and want to pre-slice your apples? Keep the slices pressed into their original shape with an elastic band to prevent your apple from going brown.
  • DIY pitta pizzas: pack some pitta breads, some grated cheese, salsa, plus some pre-cut vegetables, ham or chicken and create your own adventure!
  • Keep packed lunches cool by freezing a clean wet sponge in a freezer bag for a DIY ice pack.
  • Alternatively, for hot lunches on the move, heat soup or pasta until piping hot in the morning and carry in a thermos flask.

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