Encourage students aged 7-14 to create a piece of art celebrating their favourite food with this free resource.

Favourite foods often hold a special place in our memories, reminding us of important occasions in our lives. Favourite Healthy Foods activities encourage students to get creative, developing a celebration piece – whether a film, piece of music or display board – that brings to life favourite foods and their importance in our lives. 

Key question

  • How can we celebrate our favourite foods?

Key learnings

  • Describing own and other people’s favourite foods.
  • Explaining the reasons why people have certain favourite foods.
  • Creating a display on the theme of favourite healthy foods. 


Watch our Celebration of Food film.

  • Which favourite foods do you share with the athletes?
  •  How does food play a big part of the athletes’ lives?
  •  Can your favourite foods be part of a healthy lifestyle?



Our Teacher Lesson Plan (available to download below) contains activity ideas for delivering a lesson on celebrating healthy foods. 

Student Resources

Favourite Healthy Foods Lesson Plan

Start a conversation about your favourite foods with this lesson plan.

Resource type: Lesson plan

Learning focus: Nutrition - identifying your favourite foods

Recommended age group: 7-14