Our free Snack for Success resource for students aged 7-14 is all about snacking. 

Team GB athletes love to snack – favourite snacks include cereal bars, boiled eggs and yoghurt and nuts. Snack for Success activities encourage students to discuss and track their snacking habits, using Team GB athletes as inspiration for writing a healthier snacks pledge or creating a recipe for their own healthy snack.

Key question

  • How can athletes and students snack healthily?

Key learnings

  • Describing the benefits of healthy snacking.
  • Explaining how and why athletes adjust their food intake in relation to their sport and training schedules, including the use of snacking.
  • Evaluating snack options based on their nutritional content.
  • Preparing and creating healthy snacks.


Watch our Snack Happy. Snack Healthy film. What different healthy snacks do the athletes eat throughout their day?

  • How do athletes change their diet during their training?
  •  Why do athletes eat differently depending on their training and competition cycles?
  •  What other snacks might an athlete eat while training, taking part in competitions or rest and recovery periods?


Our Teacher Lesson Plan (available to download below) contains activity ideas for delivering a lesson on snacking. 

Student Resources

Snack for Success Lesson Plan

Packed full of ideas to get creative with healthy snack recipes, this lesson plan will help you to snack with success!

Resource type: Lesson plan

Learning focus: Cooking, nutrition - understanding and making healthy snacks

Recommended age group: 7-14

Track your Snacks

Use the Track Your Snacks activity sheet to see what students are snacking on and when. How does snacking affect performance?

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Nutrition - effect of snacks on energy levels

Recommended age group: 7-14

Snack Recipe Card

Students think about the ingredients and method for creating their own exciting and tasty snack.

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Cooking - making your own healthy snack.

Recommended age group: 7-11

Advanced Snack Recipe Card

Students will consider the best equipment, ingredients and method for creating snacks for a particular health benefit.

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Cooking - making your own healthy snack.

Recommended age group: 11-14

Healthy Snack Pledge

Everyone enjoys treats, but we need to make sure our overall diet remains healthy and balanced. In this activity students think of ways they could improve their snacking habits and make a healthy pledge.

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Nutrition - making healthy swaps

Recommended age group: 7-11