A free resource that encourages  students aged 7-14 to explore new tastes and flavours.

The foods we like can change as we get older and as we try new foods. Tastes of Success activities support students in understanding what we mean by taste and flavour, and encourage students to take part in a multi-sensory taste test to broaden their understanding, and to use this knowledge to inspire other young people to try new foods. 

Key question

  • How can we use our senses to create a taste of success?

Key learnings

  • Describing what is meant by taste and flavour, and to explain the differences between them.
  • Undertaking a sensory taste analysis, identifying new tastes and flavours.
  • Creating a piece of artwork inspired by experiences of taste and flavour.


Watch our Three Courses film.

  • What dishes would make up the athletes' dream meal? 
  •  Which dream meals are things you've never tried before, but you'd like to?
  •  What different tastes and flavours can you recognise in these meals?


Our Teacher Lesson Plan (available to download below) contains activity ideas for delivering a lesson on exploring taste. 

Student Resources

Tastes of Success Lesson Plan

This lesson plan introduces the ideas of exploring new tastes and flavours with fun and exciting activities.

Resource type: Lesson plan

Learning focus: Nutrition - trying new foods

Recommended age group: 7-14

Understanding Taste and Flavour

This information sheet breaks down the difference between taste and flavour.

Resource type: Information sheet

Learning focus: Nutrition - learning the difference between taste and flavour

Recommended age group: 7-14

Taste Testing

Analyse the look, smell, texture, taste and flavour of food with this activity sheet.

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Nutrition - analysing the taste properties of food

Recommended age group: 7-14

My Taste of Success

Students can use this activity sheet to state their own favourite flavours and encourage others to try them.

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Nutrition - explaining your own food preferences

Recommended age group: 7-14