Quick quiz – Bready, Set, Bake!

Can you identify each of these 10 breads to crown yourself a baking champion?

1. Name that bread! 

Round white bread with hole in centre.

Hint: Is it a bagel, doughnut or brown loaf?

2. Name that bread! 

Long thin stick of crust bread.

Hint: Is it a brioche, baguette or white roll?

3. Name that bread!

Crusty rolls with speckled top.

Hint: Is it a cottage loaf, barm cake or tiger bread?

4. Name that bread!

Large flat bread.

Hint: Is it a dosa, naan or chapati?

5. Name that bread!

Small, oval flat breads.

Hint: Is it a pita, crisp bread or focaccia?

6. Name that bread!

Yellow bread in a frying pan/skillet.

Hint: Is it frybread, cornbread or banana bread?

7. Name that bread!

Thin, round flat bread/wraps.

Hint: Are they bolillos, tortillas or nachos?

8. Name that bread!

Dark brown small loaf of bread.

Hint: Is it sourdough bread, wheat bread or rye bread?

9. Name that bread!

White, filled, doughy buns.

Hint: Are they pancakes, baozi (steamed buns) or fried dough sticks?

10. Name that bread!

Brown thin flatbread/wrap with holes caused by air bubbles..

Hint: Is it harsha, puff puff or injera?


Find the answers on our Quick Quizzes Answers page!

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