GET COOKING – Fanzone snacking

During the summer there are lots of sporting activities to watch at home, on TV or in person. Snacks often keep us going between meals when there is a big match or competition that we love to watch. We don’t want to miss the action, so snacks need to be quick to prepare and add to the fun!

Choose recipes that are:

  • made in advance and then heated up or served cold (such as, salad or fruit snacks)

  • prepared in advance and cooked slowly without needing attention (such as, recipes that are baked in the oven)

  • or prepared in advance and then cooked very quickly when there is a break in the action (such as, grilled snacks)!

Don’t forget drinks to stay hydrated, especially when it is a warm day.

Recipes – snack for success

Check out Get Set to Eat Fresh’s top picks of Aldi’s snack recipes, suitable for cooking with children aged 5–14. Remember you can also track your snacks with your family or class with our Snack for Success resources

Ages 5–7

Jersey Royal and Parma Ham salad

Pepper and Onion Melts

Baked Mushroom Stack

Hot Ham and Tomato Crumpets

Baked Nectarines


Ages 7–11

Super Sauté Jersey Royals

Baked Mushroom Stack

Pepper, Sweetcorn and Cheese Muffins

Tomato Bruschetta

Hot Ham and Tomato Crumpets

Gallia Melon with Prawns


Ages 11–14

Jersey Royal and Stilton Croquettes

Pepper and Parma Ham Pies

Mini Vegetable Tarts

Baked Mushrooms with Goat Cheese