QUICK QUIZ - Kevin’s Christmas (and carrots) quiz

Can you beat Kevin’s Christmas and carrot knowledge? Test your knowledge of the festive foods of former Olympic host nations from around the globe and then rack up the points in Kevin’s quick-fire carrot bonus round!


  1. In Brazil, the Christmas meal is usually eaten on the evening of the 24 December, but what is the traditional snack Rabanadas more commonly known as in the UK?
  2. Where am I? At Christmas in this former Olympic Winter Games host nation, you might see Santa Clause wearing blue or eat red bean cakes, kimchi and Bulgogi (a sweet and savoury barbequed beef dish).
  3. True or False? The traditional Greek Christmas dish of stuffed cabbage leaves is usually filled with turkey and cranberries.
  4. In which former Olympic host nation has it become common to give an apple as a present on Christmas Eve?
  5. The Italian city of Turin hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 2006. However, what unusual fish is a Christmas favourite in Rome and Southern Italy?


  1. True or false? Throughout history, carrots have most commonly been orange in colour.
  2. True or false? Eating too many carrots can turn your skin orange.
  3. True or false? Carrot tops are inedible (they cannot be eaten).
  4. True or false? The average Briton eat approximately 100 carrots a year.
  5. True or false? Like a tomato, a carrot is technically a fruit.

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