Information for parents

Understanding how to eat and cook healthy, fresh food has never been more important for young people. Get Set to Eat Fresh has a large helping of Team GB-inspired resources – including lesson plans, activities and films. These free activities get young people aged 5–14 thinking about how and why they should eat healthily. 

Get Set to Eat Fresh recognises that young people need encouragement to develop their love of fresh, healthy food and this is best supported by activities both at home and at school.  

We’ve developed activities to help you make the most of fresh food as a family. Get the whole family engaged with our Quick Quizzes, or build a taste for fresh fruit and vegetables using our family activities and advice specially designed for the weekly shop or the dinner table. You can also explore our top Aldi recipe picks for cooking with children of different ages by checking out our Family Fun and Get Cooking articles. 

Your child’s school can also help to build the habit of healthy eating. Encourage your child’s teacher to sign up for Get Set to Eat Fresh and tuck into a host of curriculum-linked activities and films