Healthy twists

Explore how we can eat fresh this winter with these resources for students aged 9–14.

Eating well during the winter months can seem like a challenge. Use our Team GB tips information sheet and Aldi Athlete Ambassador profiles to challenges students to design a celebratory meal or snack with a healthy twist and/or create an advert to persuade others to 'eat fresh' this winter.

You can find further festive resources with Kevin's Amazing Challenges, including an activity bank of short, festive healthy eating starters/brainbreaks and materials to create your own vegetable-inspired Christmas decorations. Remember to share your work as a showcase on the Get Set community page or tweet @AldiUK and @TeamGB using the #GetSetEatFresh for the chance to win an exclusive limited-edition Kevin soft toy! 

Key question

  • How can we 'eat fresh' this winter?

Key learnings

  • Understanding what constitutes a balanced diet and its benefits.
  • Exploring factors that might influence decisions about eating a balanced diet.

Film discussion points

Watch Kevin's Amazing Christmas show and ask pupils to think about the following questions.

  • How many fruits and vegetables can you spot during the video?
  • What other foods are on display?
  • What food do you like in the holidays?
  • What mood does the advert create?
  • What techniques does the advert use to create this mood?
  • What makes this an effective advert?

Activity ideas

Healthy Twists

  • Watch Kevin's Amazing show and discuss. 
    • What kinds of foods can you see in the advert?
    • What kinds of food do you associate with the holidays?
    • What types of foods young people might eat during the winter holidays? What similarities/differences might you find between different individuals? (Think about different festivals, cultures, nutritional needs, dietry requirments etc.)
    • How does festive/holiday food make people feel? 
    • What might influence a young person's choices about food during the holidays?
    • To what extent do students think young people their age eat a balanced diet during the holidays? (Remember to reinforce that eating occasional high-sugar and/or high-fat foods is fine as part of a balanced diet.)
  • How do Team GB eat fresh in winter? Some athletes will need to keep training throughout the winter, and need to maintain a carefully balanced diet to ensure they can continue to perform well. What foods do students think are important for Team GB athletes? (Please note, the Eatwell with Team GB resources have more information on how athletes maintain a balanced diet.)
  • Hand out the Team GB Tips information sheet for students to read and discuss with a partner. What foods are popular with Team GB? Why? What tips do athletes give for 'eating fresh' in winter? To what extent do students think this would be similar/different for a young person their age?
  • Challenge students to research and create a festive or celebratory meal or snack for a Team GB athlete. The dish can give a 'healthy twist' to an existing festive/celebratory meal, or be a new recipe inspired by a holiday or festival. Whatever students choose their recipe be well balanced and be suitable for an athlete in training.
    • Students should consider how to make a meal that is fun, with a celebratory or festive feel, but well balanced with the energy and nutrients an athlete needs to perform.
    • Students can select an individual athlete to inspire their meal or create a more general dish for Team GB. (Students can find out more about individual Team GB athletes with the Aldi Athlete Ambassadors profiles.) 
  • Ask students to record their recipe using the Healthy Twists recipe card.
  • Support: the Team GB Tips infromation sheet provides Team GB's top 'Super Six' favourite fruits and vegetables. Focus the task/brief by asking students to design a festive breakfast, snack or dessert that uses two or more of these favourites. How will they ensure the dish is well balanced? How will the make it feel festive/celebratory?
  • Challenge: encourage students to complete their own research to support them in creating their healthy festive/celebratory dish.

Eat Fresh this Winter

  • Watch the Aldi Christmas advert and discuss.
    • What mood does the advert create?
    • What techniques does the advert us to create this mood?
    • What makes this an effective advert?
  • In the Aldi Christmas advert, Kevin the Carrot sings about lots of different Christmas foods. Challenge students to create an additional verse that will encourage people to remember to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle during the holidays, while still having lots of festive fun. Encourage students to think about:
    • Festive fruits and vegetables – are there any healthy foods or snacks Kevin could celebrate?
    • Healthy twists – can students put their healthy twist recipe into song?
    • Getting active – all of us, whether Team GB athletes or students, need to balance our nutritional intake with the energy we use. Could Kevin's song encourage others to get active during the holidays? 
    • Persuasive techniques – how can students ensure their verse will be persuasive and engagement for listeners? 
  • Support: ask students to focus their verse on one aspect of healthy eating. For instance a 'Festive 5 A Day'.
  • Challenge: to adapt and extend the activity, ask students to create their own Christmas advert (creating a poster, short video, or social media advert) that will encourage others to 'eat fresh' this Christmas. The Power to Perform resources contain activity sheets to support students in creating their own healthy eating campaign. 

You can find further festive resources with Kevin's Amazing Challenges, including an activity bank of short, festive healthy eating starters/brainbreaks, longer disscussion and creative tasks and materials to make your own vegetable-inspired Christmas decorations.

Student Resources

Team GB Tips

Learn more about Team GB's healthy favourites and how athletes eat well in winter.

Resource type: Information sheet

Learning focus: Healthy eating, athletes

Recommended age group: 9–14

Healthy Twists Recipe Card

Ask students to complete a recipe card with the details of their healthy celebratory dish.

Resource type: Activity sheet

Learning focus: Healthy eating

Recommended age group: 9–14