Aldi's Kits for Schools terms and conditions

Full Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Updated 20/09/2019 – Clause 1

The Promoter takes data protection seriously. By entering this promotion, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy (referred to below) and agree to these Terms and Conditions. If submitting any personal information required as part of entry into this promotion, entrants agree to any personal information being held and processed by the Promoter and its trusted independent third parties in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Entry/claim instructions are deemed to form part of these Terms and Conditions and by participating all entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by them. Please retain a copy for your information.

Promoter:  Aldi Stores Limited (“Aldi”), registered in England and Wales under company number 2321869 registered office is at Holly Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2SQ and VAT number is GB813053468; no entries should be sent to this address.


1. This promotion is open to formally registered schools with a government reference number (URN - England, Seed Code – Scotland and URN/School number – Wales) catering for two or more school years teaching 5-11 years old in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) only, via the official promotional poster.

2. The promotion is available via purchase of stickers by GB Aldi customers who are over 16 years of age. Employees and their immediate families of Aldi, their affiliates, agencies, or anyone else professionally connected with this promotion if following the conditions can on purchase receive stickers as an Aldi customer

3. There are two parts to this promotion for primary schools:

  1. A reward offer of a Sports Kit; and
  2. A prize draw for 20 x prizes of £20,000 cash, to be used by the school as a health legacy (see paragraph 20 below).

4. Purchase is necessary to enter this promotion.

5. There is no limit to the number of reward kits each school may collect, however, entrants must have a new, completed poster for each prize claim.

6. There is a maximum of one cash prize win in the draw per primary school.

7. Completed posters should be sent via the returns envelope to the PO Box stated for the offer claim and to be eligible for entry into the prize draw.

8. All entries must be via the primary school. Entries made on another entrant’s behalf, from agents, third parties, organised groups, syndicates or aliases will not be accepted. No incomplete or ineligible entries, or those made with incorrect details or not in accordance with the entry instructions, will be accepted.

Promotional Period

9. The promotion is open between 06.09.19 and 03.11.19. Stickers will be available to be collected between these dates. Stickers, however, will need to be acquired from Aldi stores during store opening hours when the required spend level has been reached.

10. Completed posters from the primary schools must be sent to and received by the Promoter no later than 18.11.19 to be eligible for entry into the promotion.

11. Entries submitted outside of these promotional dates will not be included in the promotion.

How to Enter

12.  To receive a Sports Kit and entry into the prize draw, participating primary schools who have received information about the Team GB Aldi promotion will be required to collect a minimum number of stickers for their allocated poster(s), following the steps below:

  1. Primary schools will have received an entry Pack in the post, including 2 sticker posters, a A4 promotional poster, A5 collection box sticker, A5 campaign flyer, and a pre-paid entry envelope for the completed posters, together with a letter detailing further information and guidance for the promotion. Any school which doesn’t receive its entry pack to the promotion, but wishes to take part, can register on the Get Set to Eat fresh Website:
  2. Participating primary schools should clearly display the poster(s) from the entry Pack at a place of their choosing within the school (at the discretion of school management), ensuring that it is located in an accessible location, where stickers may be added to it;
  3. Aldi customers who spend £30 or more in a single transaction will be eligible to receive a sticker, while stickers are available. Stickers must then be given to a student of one of the participating primary schools (such as a child, niece, nephew or neighbour etc or via their respective parent or guardian) to be added to the poster(s) on display. Additional stickers are available to consumers who spend £60 of more in one transaction, rising in increments of £30. For example, a spend of £60 entitles a shopper to two stickers, where a spend of £90 entitles a shopper to 3 stickers, and so on.
  4. When the primary school has collected 300 stickers on one poster, they must send their poster and all other information requested in the information pack, using the freepost envelope provided, in the name of the primary school to the indicated PO Box number, to enter the promotion. All genuine, valid poster entries received by the Promoter will receive one (1) Sports Kit, and will be entered into the prize draw.

13. Participating primary schools may request additional posters via the during the promotional period. A pre-paid postage envelope will be provided with the additional poster so completed posters can be returned for entry into the promotion.

14. Primary School entrants will receive a new Sports Kit and a new entry into the prize draw, for each completed poster which will be verified and checked before being submitted into the promotional offer and prize draw.  

15. Only valid information and the correctly completed posters will be accepted. All entry information is subject to verification. Entry information may not be sold or exchanged.

16. In the event of suspicious activity, the Promoter reserves the right to request further evidence to confirm the legitimacy of the entry/win. Any strange or abnormal activity surrounding the completion of the posters will be investigated and if fraudulent activity is confirmed then the school and all entries will be void and disqualified.

17. The entry must be made directly by the primary school entering the promotion.

Rewards and Prizes

Sports Kit Offer

18. All participating primary school entrants who submit a completed, verified poster following the process outlined in these Terms and Conditions shall receive one (1) Sports Kit containing a range of suitable items for use in school sports days, physical education lessons and other events.

19. For the avoidance of doubt, one (1) Sports Kit will be granted for each completed, verified poster. Therefore, if a school submits two (2) completed, verified posters, they will receive two (2) Sports Kits.

Sports Kit contains

  • X1 branded bag
  • X6 branded bibs
  • X6 relay batons
  • X6 bean bags
  • X6 cones including stand
  • X6 egg and spoon kits
  • Sheet of stickers and finishing tape
  • X6 balls

Prize Draw Prizes

20. There will be a total of twenty (20) x Prizes available to be won, each consisting of £20,000 cash to be used as a “health legacy” by the winning school. For example, for use in spending on programmes, such as healthy eating initiatives, renovating or purchase of sports / fitness equipment, supporting sports teams or investing in equipment to support food and equipment which supports education.

21. The Promoter reserves the right to verify that the Prize Draw money has been spent in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

22. If any winning schools cannot be contacted, or are not in agreement to use the money to leave a lasting “health legacy” or fail to take any other required action to claim the prize within 21 working days of the draw, Aldi reserves the right to offer these prizes to the next eligible primary school entrant(s) selected in line from other entries validly completed before the closing date.

23. Prizes are strictly non-transferable and cannot be sold or auctioned. Any person found in breach of this term will be disqualified from participating. No alternative prize will be available in whole or in part.

Reward Process (Sports Kit Offer)

24. All valid, verified entries into the promotion who have completed a full poster with 300 stickers will be processed in line with these Terms and Conditions and will receive one (1) Sports Kit for each completed poster.

Winner Selection Process (Prize Draw)

25. Winners of the cash prizes will be chosen at random via an independently verified, randomised computer process from all valid, verified entries entered into the promotion on 26.11.19.

Notification and Claim Process

Sports Kit Offer

26. After receiving a completed, verified poster, an independent third party will check and verify the participating primary school as eligible for entry into the promotion and will send a confirmation email to the school (using the email address submitted when applying to take part in the promotion) confirming their entry into the prize draw and confirming that they have qualified for the Sports Kit Offer.

27. The Promoter will endeavour to fulfil the offer as soon as practicable, however, entrants should allow up until 30.03.20 for delivery. Successful primary school entrants must ensure that somebody is available to receive the delivery at the address provided to the Promoter. Inaccurate information may result in the prize being forfeited. If nobody is available at the delivery address to receive the item, they will be left a card with a contact number, which can be used to arrange an alternative drop-off time. After three attempts the item will be returned to the Promoter undelivered and will be assumed unwanted.

Prize Draw Winners

28. Winners of one of the £20,000 cash prizes for the school will be notified of their win via the email address submitted when applying to take part in the promotion. All winners will be asked to respond to their email within 21 working days, providing to the Promoter, via a secure link, details including the school’s full legal name, bank account details and any other information required to assist in verification of their claim. 

29. Following successful verification, and in agreement confirming that the £20,000 will be spent on a ‘healthy legacy’ investment for the school, the Prize will be transferred into a UK bank account or building society account in the name of the winning Primary School within 10 working days. The Promoter reserves the right for them or an independent third party to audit and verify the spending of the £20,000 prize.

30. If a selected winner does not reply within the specified time scales above, then the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the prize entitlement and withdraw the prize which will be forfeited and will move to the next reserve in line.

31. Prizes are as specified, and the winning primary schools are not permitted to transfer the right to take up a prize to anybody else.

32. Claims will be subject to a full verification process by an independent third party. The promoter shall be entitled to disregard any invalid, incomplete or fraudulent claims and to disqualify the entering primary school from the Promotion.

33. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Responsibility cannot be accepted by the Promoter for any completed posters or claim documentation that is lost, damaged, mislaid or delayed, nor any associated costs.

General Information

34. By taking part in the promotion, Entrants including teachers from the school acknowledge that they may be required to take part in relevant publicity without payment. Such publicity may include, without limitation, a case study on the winning school using the name of the school and, if relevant consent is given, images and statements made by the school concerning the promotion and/or prizes obtained as part of the promotion.

35. Winning schools however, hereby consent in principle to appear in promotional media coverage (without compensation) on the Aldi website or Aldi operated social media accounts or television advertisements as relevant. This could also include BOA and Get Set to eat fresh websites. Aldi may also want to feature winning schools as part of a future advertising campaign in which the schools name and image would be used across TV, press, leaflet, point of sale, website, email, digital advertising, video, social media, press releases and still imagery shared as part of press releases.  All printed and/or visual and/or audio-visual material created from such event and all intellectual property rights, including copyright, arising from such materials shall be the exclusive property of the Promoter.

36. The Promoters shall be entitled to use such agreed material from the winning schools without limit in time, but always subject to national child protection regulations.

  1. The Promoters will provide information to the winning school including release forms for parents/carers which must be signed and returned granting permission for this filming of individuals that could occur.
  2. In the instance that a parent/carer of a child at the school does not wish their child to be filmed at the event, they must make this clear in the release form and return this to the Promoters in advance of the event so that the organisers can ensure this wish is adhered to by third party film crews on the day.

37. The names and counties of all major prize winning primary schools will be made available upon request by sending an email to [] with the subject line Kit for Schools Winners List for a period of 3 months following the end of the promotion. In addition, by taking part in the promotion, as mentioned previously winning primary schools agree that the Promoter may contact them to ask whether they want to participate in publicity relating to the promotion.

38. In the event of circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Promoter, or otherwise where fraud, abuse, and/or an error (human or computer) affects or could affect the proper operation of this promotion or the awarding of prizes, and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to amend, terminate or temporarily suspend the promotion or these Terms and Conditions, at any stage, but will always endeavour to minimize the effect to entrants in order to avoid undue disappointment.

39. The Promoter’s decision is final in all matters pertaining to the promotion.

40. The Promoter does not assume any responsibility for any entries lost, damaged or otherwise delayed in the post, or as a result of any network, computer hardware or software failure of any kind.

41. The Promoter may, at its absolute discretion, disqualify any entrant found to be tampering with the application process or to be acting in any manner disruptive to the promotion.

42. The Promoter does not assume responsibility for any printing or typographical errors in any promotional materials relating to this promotion.

43. Limitations of liability: insofar as permitted by law, neither the Promoter nor the promotional parties assume any responsibility or liability for:-

  1. Any entries or claims which are lost, delayed, corrupted, damaged, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered for any technical, delivery or other reason. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of receipt.
  2. Any loss, damage, consequential damage or injury of any nature whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise caused in connection with the promotion (to the fullest extent permissible by law), unless negligence on the part of the Promoter or its agencies.

44. The Promoter reserves the right to verify all entries and winners, and to refuse to award a prize or withdraw prize entitlement and/or refuse further participation in the promotion and disqualify the entrant where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions or any instructions forming part of this promotions entry requirements or otherwise where a entrant has gained unfair advantage in participating in the promotion.

45. If any of these clauses should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then it shall be severed and deleted from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining clauses shall survive and remain in full force and effect.

46. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England. The courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdictions over any and all disputes arising out of, relating to or concerning these Terms and Conditions

47. Data Protection: The Promoter will only use any personal details (such as names and addresses) supplied by entering Primary Schools for the administration of the promotion and the auditing of the entries where necessary and for no other purpose, unless an entrant has consented and opted-in to receive future marketing communications as detailed. For the purposes of the Aldi’s Kit for Schools promotion, Aldi is the sole data controller. The fulfilment of posters and kit for the Aldi’s Kit for Schools promotion will be managed by a verified independent third party based in the UK. Personal data supplied when ordering a poster will be securely held by the verified independent third party for the purpose of operating and fulfilling this campaign. Details will at all times be kept confidential, and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 Click here for the Promoter’s Privacy Notice:

For reference the GSTEF and BOA privacy policies can be found at &

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